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Thing type 1703, Ideya Drone (pronounced IDD-ee-yuh droan), is a type of Thing that transforms players into their NiGHTS form in NiGHTS levels. It must be placed on the track of the Axis with a flags value of 1. It cannot be placed on an Axis Transfer or Axis Transfer Line. In multi-mare maps, it will be the Thing that transfers the players to the next mare.

The Angle determines the time in seconds that players may be in NiGHTS form. Leaving the Angle as 0 will give you the default time of 120 seconds (2 minutes). Checking the Ambush flag will cause players to automatically die when they run out of time instead of transforming back. This is useful for NiGHTS boss battles and maps without a playable 3D environment, such as the NiGHTS Special Stages included in SRB2 itself.

This Thing should only be placed in NiGHTS levels; everywhere else, it will end the level upon being touched. Similarly, the level ends upon being touched if there is no Ideya Capture on the track. If the level has a NiGHTS track but lacks the NiGHTS level type, touching the Ideya Drone will cause bizarre camera angles and control problems.

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