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The parts of an Axis.

Thing type 1700, Axis, also called Axis Point, is a type of Thing that defines a part of the curved track that Super Sonic flies on in NiGHTS levels. The radius of the Axis is determined by the Angle value of the Thing, measured in fracunits. This means that if an Axis has an Angle of 512, the player will fly around the Axis on a circle with a radius of 512 fracunits.

The Thing's Angle value also determines the direction Super Sonic rotates around the Axis. By default, Super Sonic will rotate counter-clockwise around an Axis; adding 16384 to the Thing's Angle value will invert this, causing Super Sonic to rotate around it clockwise instead.

The order of Axes in a stage is determined by the flags value of this Thing. Normally, the flags value is increased by 1 for each consecutive Axis inside a mare, starting at 0. However, if Axis Transfer Line Things are placed between two Axes, the flags value of the second Axis will be 2 greater than the flags value of the first Axis.

The mare the Axis is on is specified by the Thing's Parameter value: If n is the mare number, the Parameter value should be n - 1. For example, the Parameter value for the first mare is 0, while the Parameter value for the third mare is 2. Since a Thing's Parameter value is multiplied by 4096 and added to the Thing type number, the resulting Thing type number is 1700 + (n - 1)×4096.

Mare # Parameter Thing type #
1 0 1700
2 1 5796
3 2 9892
4 3 13988
5 4 18084
6 5 22180
7 6 26276
8 7 30372

Outside the context of NiGHTS levels, the Egg Slimer requires an Axis to be placed in the same level for its initial phase. Minecarts also use Axes and Axis Transfer Lines to define their movement paths. See the linked articles for more details.

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