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This article is about the standard type of hoop, which has only one possible size. For hoops that can have custom sizes, see Hoop (Customizable).
A hoop.

Thing type 1705, Hoop (Generic), is a type of Thing used in NiGHTS levels, though it spawns in any gametype. It is a hoop of small orange balls with a radius of 96 fracunits for players to go through. Each hoop gives the player 10 points on its own; flying through consecutive hoops increases the player's link number and awards a larger amount of points. Hoops also replenish the player's Drill Dash meter a little bit. This item has to be placed the appropriate distance from an Axis (256 units away from a 256-fracunit-radius Axis, 512 units away from a 512-fracunit-radius Axis) so NiGHTS Super Sonic actually flies through it.

If a level uses the Christmas NiGHTS supplementary level type, hoops will display alternate red and green spiked balls instead of the normal orange balls.

The flags value of a hoop determines the height of its center in fracunits from the floor – this value should be set to at least 96 fracunits to prevent the lower hoop segments from disappearing into the floor. A hoop's pitch (direction on the vertical plane) is in a range of 0 to 255. A hoop's yaw (direction on the horizontal plane) is calculated in multiples of 256 and can span a range of -32768 to 32512. The yaw and pitch value are added together to create the Angle value of the Thing.

Example values

The given directions indicate how NiGHTS Super Sonic flies through the hoop.

Pitch values

Value Direction
0 Forward
32 Diagonally up
64 Up/down
224 Diagonally down

Yaw values

Value Direction
-32768 South
-24576 Southeast
-16384 East
-8192 Northeast
0 North
8192 Northwest
16384 West
24576 Southwest

Object/state data

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