Train Cameo Spawner

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Thing type 1222, Train Cameo Spawner, is a type of Thing that spawns a scenic train silhouette, and is used in Arid Canyon Zone Act 2 for the level's ending sequence. Due to its small size, it is intended for use in a scaled skybox.


On this own, this Thing type will do nothing, as it spawns the train cameo in an invisible, inactive state. For it to appear, linedef type 442 must be tagged to the sector it's placed in, and then triggered by a linedef executor. This Thing's corresponding object's type, MT_TRAINCAMEOSPAWNER, must be written across the linedef's front texture names, and the desired state, S_TRAINCAMEOSPAWNER_2, across the back texture names. After spawning, the train will proceed indefinitely in the direction of its Angle value.

Usage tips

The characteristic train horn sound played by the train in Arid Canyon Zone Act 2 is not played by this Thing, but can be achieved with the use of linedef type 414 and the DSCHUCHU sound effect.

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