Sonic the Hedgehog

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is the fastest of all three playable characters in SRB2, but he is also the least versatile. His double-jump ability is the thok, named after the characteristic sound it makes. The thok gives the player a burst of speed, which is useful for clearing wide gaps and automatically giving acceleration. Because he cannot gain any height aside from jumping, some areas will be inaccessible to him, so he must find other routes around them. Due to his speed, Sonic is more difficult to control than the other characters, but when used correctly, he is able to move around a map very quickly.

Abilities and techniques

  • Like every default character in SRB2, Sonic can spindash by pressing the spin button for a few seconds and then releasing. This spins him into a ball and shoots him forward at high speeds, but limits his ability to move sideways.
  • Sonic's double-jump ability is the thok, which gives him a quick forward burst that accelerates him considerably in mid-air. This allows him to cross large distances very quickly. The thok makes him the preferable character in Race mode, because he is much faster than any other character and can cut corners more effectively.
    • Sonic can cross very wide gaps by charging a spindash near a cliff, releasing and then jumping before he falls off. This technique is very useful in open, straightforward CTF stages to quickly get from one base to the other. Note that thokking during the jump will actually slow Sonic down, but it can still be useful to change his direction in mid-air.
    • Thokking directly before bouncing off an enemy or monitor (this technique is called monitor bouncing) accelerates Sonic considerably, thus giving him a large upward boost. With this technique, Sonic can reach areas that would normally be too high for him to access.

Super transformation

Another special ability characteristic of Sonic is his Super transformation. When given all 7 Chaos Emeralds and 50 rings, Sonic can become Super Sonic, making him faster and raising his jump height for a certain period of time. Super Sonic is completely invincible to everything except drowning, death pits and getting crushed. However, while Sonic is Super Sonic, his ring count is depleted by one ring every second. Once they reach zero, Sonic turns back to normal, making him vulnerable to everything he once was. Sonic cannot turn into Super Sonic while holding a shield.

When Super Sonic is used in Match and related gametypes, he has the same abilities as in Single Player. Getting hit by an opponent will cause Super Sonic to lose 10 rings, which are not spilled. He is the only character who has specialized sprites for his Super form, which makes him easily identifiable in Match.


Speed Fast (36)
Acceleration Low (40)
Thrustfactor High (5)
Accelstart Low (96)
Jump speed factor Normal (1.0)
Spindash Yes
Double jump ability Thok
Special abilities Super transformation in Single Player/Coop/Race
Super abilities Float