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Thing types 1900–1909, Stalagmites are a group of scenery Things that can be used in cave-themed maps. These are intangible stalagmites of a specific size and color. There are ten different types of stalagmites available:

Thing type number Name Object type Sprite Description
1900 Brown Stalagmite (Tall) MT_STALAGMITE0
An intangible, large brown stalagmite.
1901 Brown Stalagmite MT_STALAGMITE1
An intangible, small brown stalagmite.
1902 Orange Stalagmite (Tall) MT_STALAGMITE2
An intangible, large orange stalagmite.
1903 Orange Stalagmite MT_STALAGMITE3
An intangible, small orange stalagmite.
1904 Red Stalagmite (Tall) MT_STALAGMITE4
An intangible, large red stalagmite.
1905 Red Stalagmite MT_STALAGMITE5
An intangible, small red stalagmite.
1906 Gray Stalagmite (Tall) MT_STALAGMITE6
An intangible, large gray stalagmite.
1907 Gray Stalagmite MT_STALAGMITE7
An intangible, small gray stalagmite.
1908 Blue Stalagmite (Tall) MT_STALAGMITE8
An intangible, large bluish-white stalagmite. Can be used in ice-themed maps.
1909 Blue Stalagmite MT_STALAGMITE9
An intangible, small bluish-white stalagmite. Can be used in ice-themed maps.

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