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Thing type 755, Pull Point, is a type of Thing that, when used in conjunction with linedef type 547, pulls players towards itself. The sector this Thing is located in must be tagged to the control linedef of the effect and must have the Wind/Current sector effect. The Angle of the Thing determines the radius of the effect in fracunits (it cannot exceed 359), while the control linedef's length determines the general pulling strength.

By default, the Thing pulls the player horizontally, and the strength of the pulling effect fades away with increasing horizontal and vertical distance. If the Special flag is checked, the pulling strength will not fade away with increasing vertical distance. If the Ambush flag is checked, the Thing pulls the player vertically as well.

Flags Pulling axes Fading axes
None X,Y X,Y,Z
Special X,Y X,Y
Ambush X,Y,Z X,Y,Z
Special + Ambush X,Y,Z X,Y

When a player is playing as NiGHTS Super Sonic in a NiGHTS mode level, these flags work differently – by default the player will only be pulled vertically (only the player's Z position will be modified); if the Special flag is checked the player's Y-position will also be modified, and if the Ambush flag is checked the player's X-position will also be modified.

Flags X-axis? Y-axis? Z-axis?
None No No Yes
Special No Yes Yes
Ambush Yes No Yes
Special + Ambush Yes Yes Yes

In regular SRB2 maps, this Thing is invisible. In Special Stages, however, it will transform into a red gravity well and display the SPR_GWLR sprite set. Gravity wells were intended to be used in Egg Satellite Zone, but the gimmick was ultimately scrapped.

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