Yellow Spring Ball

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Thing type 1134, Yellow Spring Ball, is a yellow spring pointing upwards that is embedded in a capsule. Similarly to the yellow spring it has a medium amount of force behind it, yet it is weaker than the red spring ball. The yellow spring ball propels the player 450 fracunits into the air. To make platforms reachable by a yellow spring ball, it is recommended to make them no higher than 384 fracunits from their current positioning to provide a little extra room.

When attached to the end of a chain, yellow spring balls swing in a similar manner to maces. Upon colliding with one, players will be propelled in a similar manner to yellow springs. Unlike normal springs, yellow spring balls are not affected by gravity and thus when not attached to a chain they can be used as a floating alternative to springs, although this usage is not seen in SRB2's own levels.

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