Diagonal Blue Spring

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Thing type 557, Diagonal Blue Spring, is a blue spring pointing up and forward. Compared to the Diagonal Yellow Spring and Diagonal Red Spring, it has a low amount of force behind it, being weaker than both the upside-down Yellow Spring and upside-down Red Spring.


The following flags, if set, change the default behavior of the spring:

  • Flag [2]/Flip will flip both the spring and its gravity direction upside down, changing the height reference from the floor to the ceiling.
  • Flag [4]/Ignore gravity disables the gravity for the spring.
  • Flag [8]/Rotate 22.5° CCW will rotate the spring by 22.5 degrees counterclockwise.

The Height sets the offset position from the floor, or from the ceiling if Flag [2]/Flip is set. Flag [4]/Ignore gravity is needed to prevent the spring from falling.

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