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This article is about the Frozen Hillside Zone thing type. For the playable character, see Amy Rose.
Amy Rose cameo hugging Sonic

Thing type 2104, Amy Rose Cameo, is a non-playable version of Amy Rose featured in Frozen Hillside Zone. Upon being placed in a map, she will stay idle, kicking the floor with a bummed out expression. Once she spots a player, she will start leaping happily until they're within her reach, and chase them relentlessly. Amy Rose will then gleefully hug the player as soon as she gets in their radius, freezing them in place until the player jumps to release themselves.

When hugging a player playing as Sonic or Metal Sonic, Amy Rose will endlessly spawn hearts above her head. If the player tries to escape her hug too early, she will yelp and get knocked back with a hurt expression; doing this enough times will eventually cause her to stomp the ground in a little tantrum before resuming chase.

Amy Rose will not spawn in Single Player if the player is also playing as Amy Rose. In Cooperative mode, however, if at least one of the players is playing as her, she will spawn as a grayscale version of herself, as a reference to Sonic the Fighters. This effect can also be achieved by giving her the Extra flag.

Any Amy Rose placed in a Mario mode level will be replaced by a Toad on spawn.

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