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A_Thrust is an action that thrusts the actor horizontally at its current angle. Var1 determines the magnitude of the thrusting force, measured in fracunits/tic. Var2 determines the method of thrusting the actor this action uses:

Var2 Function Description
0 P_Thrust The actor's old momentum is retained, and the new thrust force is added on in the new direction; i.e. Thrust = Old momentum + Var1

Note: If A_Thrust is used repeatedly using this option, the actor will accelerate at a rate of Var1 fracunits/tic for each use of the action.

1 P_InstaThrust The actor's old momentum is lost in favor of the new thrust force; i.e. Thrust = Var1

In SRB2, this action is used by the Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard and CastleBot FaceStabber.

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