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A_InstaLoop is an action that makes the actor move along a 2D horizontal polygon. The number of edges is defined by the upper 16 bits of Var1, the current edge is defined by the lower 16 bits of Var1. Edges begin at the lowest point and then rotate counterclockwise. Force is determined by Var2. The higher the step maximum, the more states you need, but the more accurate the loop becomes. If you choose, for example, 12 as maximum step, keep it and cycle twelve states with the current steps counting from 1 up to 12 one after another with the same duration to perform one complete loop. You can make the flight path more elliptic by not giving all states the same duration.

This action originates from the v2.0 modification SRB2Morphed and was added to SRB2 itself in v2.1.

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