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MAP50: Floral Field Zone

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MAP50, Floral Field Zone, is the first Special Stage in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It is a NiGHTS level in which the player needs to collect 40 spheres and get to the goal in 160 seconds to get the Green Chaos Emerald. It is themed after the first zone, Greenflower Zone.


You spawn inside of the Ideya Drone, turning into NiGHTS Super Sonic immediately. In front of you is a trail of Blue Spheres and Rings. Follow it to enter a cave right by the Ideya Drone.

Inside the cave are some Hoops and a circle of Blue Spheres, surrounding a block of more Blue Spheres and Rings. Following the track you should automatically create a paraloop, attracting the Blue Spheres inside of the circle into you. By now you should get enough Blue Spheres to destroy the Ideya Capture.

Further into the cave is another circle of Blue Spheres and Rings, by the exit.

After exiting the cave, follow the trail of Blue Spheres, Rings and Hoops to create another paraloop, attracting more Blue Spheres and Rings.

After some more Hoops and Blue Spheres, you'll reach a cliff with Rings surrounding it. Above the cliff is a circle of Blue Spheres and Rings.

After more Rings, Blue Spheres and Hoops, you should reach the Ideya Capture. From there you can either go up to go for another lap, or follow the Blue Spheres and Hoops back to the Ideya Drone.

Upper route

Up above the trail going down are Hoops that lead to another cave above the cave at the start. Follow the trails of Rings, Blue Spheres and Hoops to get through the cave.

At the exit there is a Bumper, which points towards the main route.

Grade requirements

  • E – 0 points
  • D – 20000 points
  • C – 30000 points
  • B – 90000 points
  • A – 180000 points
  • Rainbow A – 260000 points

Points of interest

NiGHTS power-ups

  • At the exit to the cave, paralooping around the big circle of rings and spheres reveals a Nightopian Helper power-up.
  • Paralooping around the circle of rings and spheres above the cliff with rings surrounding it reveals a Link Freeze power-up.

Technical data