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MAP51: Toxic Plateau Zone

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MAP51, Toxic Plateau Zone, is the second Special Stage in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2. It is a NiGHTS level in which the player needs to collect 60 spheres and get to the goal in 180 seconds to get the Purple Chaos Emerald. It is themed after the second zone, Techno Hill Zone.


Before the path split

Just like in Floral Field Zone, you spawn inside the Ideya Drone, turning into NiGHTS Super Sonic immediately. Going forwards is a trail of Rings, followed by a big circle of rings and Blue Spheres and another trail of rings, this time going a bit up.

The second trail of rings leads into a Bumper, zooming you away into Hoops and a few circles of Blue Spheres. There's a block of more Blue Spheres and rings in the background. If only you had some sort of item that doubles your paraloop distance...

After another trail of rings, Blue Spheres and Hoops leading down, you'll end up in the goop, where another trail of rings and Blue Spheres awaits. Afterwards is a circle of Blue Spheres and Rings, containing another, smaller circle inside. There's also a Spring Shell in the background, which you can destroy with a paraloop.

Now above the goop, there is a trail of Rings leading you into a factory resembling that of Techno Hill Zone Act 2's. In the factory the trail switches to Blue Spheres and rings, where you should get enogh Blue Spheres to break open the Ideya Capture. From there you can go down two paths.

Upper path

At the top there is a circle of Blue Spheres and rings, after which is a trail of height-alternating rings. At the end is a circle of Blue Spheres and rings, where you go back down to the main path.

Lower path

On the lower path is a trail of Blue Spheres, leading you through the factory. Mind the pillars, and you should reach the main path in no time.

Back to the main path

When the paths merge you'll come across a circle of Blue Spheres, followed by a trail of Hoops, and then rings. Right after is a 270-degree turn with Hoops on it, followed by another circle of Blue Spheres.

After the circle are two pipes with Rings and Blue Spheres surrounding it, first from the bottom, then from the top. After that is a circle of Blue Spheres and rings.

Following that is a wave-like trail of rings, with Blue Spheres at the peaks. They lead to the Ideya Capture.

After the Capture

There is another trail of Rings and Blue Spheres in front of you, similar to the one you followed to the Capture. This time it leads to a Bumper, which leads to another Bumper. The two Bumpers lead to a trail of Blue Spheres and Hoops, following which is a section with pipes cut through the middle. Follow the trail of rings and Blue Spheres and you should reach a few Hoops near the exit to the factory and a cave.

After you enter the cave, dive down to reach a Bumper which propels you through a line of Blue Spheres. Follow the trail of Rings to reach two more Bumpers propelling you into a line of Hoops and Blue Spheres.

Following that is a trail of Blue Spheres, leading out of the cave and into a trail of Hoops. Follow it and the following trail of Blue Spheres and rings back to the Ideya Drone.

Grade requirements

  • E – 0 points
  • D – 35000 points
  • C – 50000 points
  • B – 100000 points
  • A – 190000 points
  • Rainbow A – 300000 points

Points of interest

NiGHTS power-ups

  • Paralooping the first big circle of rings and spheres, where two parts of the track cross, reveals a Super Paraloop power-up.
  • At the path split, take the upper path; paralooping the big circle of rings and spheres at the start of this path reveals a Nightopian Helper power-up.
  • Paralooping the circle of spheres, where the paths merge, reveals an Extra Time power-up.
  • Paralooping the circle of spheres, after the 270-degree turn, reveals a Link Freeze power-up.

Technical data