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MAP70, Christmas Chime Zone, abbreviated as CCZ, is a bonus NiGHTS level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2, which is unlocked by getting an A rank in any Special Stage. It is set in a snowy, Christmas-like environment, containing multiple lakes and rivers, as well as a castle. The background music is a remix of Take the Snow Train, a song from the original NiGHTS into Dreams game. In previous versions of SRB2, this level was called Spring Hill Zone and was GFZ-themed.


You start off as Super Sonic, which means that you'll fly along a 2D-track, flying through hoops and collecting bells and chips. Your main objective is to collect 80 chips and deposit them in the Ideya Capture. To collect multiple items at once, you can fly around them in a closed loop. You can also Drill Dash with the jump button to increase your speed and destroy enemies. However, you must have a full Drill Dash meter to do so. You should deposit your chips in the Ideya Capture before time runs out, otherwise you will change back to normal Sonic and lose all your chips. Once the Capture is destroyed, return to the Ideya Drone to end the level.

Grade requirements

  • E – 0 points
  • D – 30000 points
  • C – 40000 points
  • B – 60000 points
  • A – 90000 points
  • Rainbow A – 110000 points

Points of interest

NiGHTS power-ups

  • Just after the first cliff at the start, paralooping the big circle of rings and wing logos reveals a Nightopian Helper power-up.
  • When you reach the large pond, paralooping the big circle of rings partially underwater reveals a Super Paraloop power-up.
  • When you reach the castle entrance, go up above the castle instead of going inside it. Paralooping the circle of hoops you find there reveals a Drill Refill power-up.

Point monitors

  • Jump up the staircase at the castle entrance. Once you're on top, turn around and jump on the next ledge. From there you should see a T-shaped ledge with a 1,000 Point Monitor.
  • Inside the deep square hole, there is a 1,000 Point Monitor in a small alcove in the wall.
  • At the entrance to the castle there is a bridge over a river. Jump into the river and follow it to the left to reach a 10,000 Point Monitor.
  • After exiting the castle there are two trees in front of you. The tree to the right has a small patch of darkened bark. Spindash into it to enter the tree, containing a 10,000 Point Monitor.
  • Run around the left side of the large pond until you reach a ledge. Jump up the ledges until you reach a flower garden. Stand on the middle red flower and jump straight up to pop a 10,000 Point Monitor in the ceiling.
  • Near the deep square hole there lies a flower garden. In the middle of it lies a 10,000 Point Monitor.
  • On the backside of the island with the Ideya Capture, there are some jagged edges. There is also a small portion of raised ground containing a 10,000 Point Monitor.

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