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Thing type 407, Super Sneakers Monitor, is a monitor that doubles the player's top running speed for 20 seconds upon its destruction, playing the Super Sneakers music (SHOES) while the power-up is in effect. Super Sneakers multiply the player's speed by 166%, changing it from 36 to 60 for all characters.

Checking the Ambush flag turns this monitor into a Weak Random Monitor, out of which it may randomly respawn with a probability of 31.25%. Checking the Special flag turns it into a Strong Random Monitor. This is not recommended however, because SRMs do not spawn Super Sneakers.

This Monitor type also comes in a gold variation, Thing Type 437, Super Sneakers Monitor (Respawn), which will give the player the Super Sneakers powerup once popped, before respawning after about 3 seconds. Its only occurrence in-game is in Arid Canyon Zone Act 1.

If the current level has the SpeedMusic parameter enabled in its level header, a sped-up version of the level's own music will be played instead of the Super Sneakers music while the power-up is in effect. Note: this feature only works for music tracks in a format supported by the Game Music Emu library.

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