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Mystic Realm title screen

Mystic Realm is a level pack by Mystic. It originated in the very early days of SRB2, eventually growing into a large-scale level pack with seven main zones, various hidden levels and an original soundtrack that has since been incorporated into the game proper. Mystic Realm was especially popular in the v1.09.4 era, when it was by far the largest selection of Single Player levels for SRB2, exceeding even the game's own Single Player campaign.

Mystic Realm was completed in 2007, and it has only been updated since then to keep it compatible with the current version of SRB2. Aside from playability fixes, these updates add no new content and preserve the pack in its original form. However, a more extensive overhaul that makes use of assets in newer SRB2 versions is also in progress.

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Mystic Realm's main campaign consists of seven zones with three acts each, except for the final zone, which has four acts. A structure called Mystic Temple is hidden in the second act of each zone. If the player steps on its center and then completes the level normally, they will enter the emerald stage for the zone. The emerald stages are regular Single Player levels that contain a Chaos Emerald near the exit. Note that the player has to explicitly pick up the emerald; merely finishing the stage will not award it to the player. After finishing an emerald stage, the player advances to the third act of the original zone. The game is automatically saved upon entering an emerald stage.

On top of the regular levels, there are several unlockable bonus stages. If the player collects all seven Chaos Emeralds as Sonic, the final boss fight will be changed to a teleporter that leads to two bonus zones, Prismatic Angel Zone and Mystic Realm Zone. Once beaten, these levels are accessible from the secrets menu. Another level, Golden Sands Zone, can be unlocked by collecting 20 emblems. An archive that contains old versions of the Mystic Realm stages as well as several scrapped levels can be unlocked by collecting 40 emblems. One emblem for each character is hidden in every non-boss level, including the emerald stages. Further emblems are hidden in some of the unlockable levels. Extra emblems are awarded for completing the game and completing it with all Chaos Emeralds, respectively.

Before v4.4, multiplayer levels were also included with Mystic Realm – by v4.3, there were six levels for Match and two for CTF. These were a mix of levels from old versions of SRB2 itself and the OLDC. Some of them were later added to SRB2 itself in v1.09.4.


  • Sound Test: Can be unlocked by beating the Single Player campaign, just like in SRB2 itself.
  • Golden Sands Zone: A Single Player level that was entered into the January/February 2006 OLDC. Can be unlocked by collecting 20 emblems.
  • Mystic Realm Archive: A collection of old versions of the Mystic Realm stages and stages used in old versions of Mystic Realm. Can be unlocked by collecting 40 emblems.
  • Pandora's Box: Can be unlocked by collecting all emblems, just like in SRB2 itself.
  • Level Select: Allows access to all Single Player levels, including emerald stages. Can be unlocked by collecting all emblems.

Previous versions of Mystic Realm included two more unlockables: "Second Quest" was a duplicate of the main levels with different texturing, different Mystic Temple locations, and some enemy modifications. "Lock-On" added Mystic Realm's levels to the end of SRB2's Single Player campaign, allowing the player to play both in succession. Both unlockables were removed in v4.6.

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