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KIMOKAWAIII title screen

KIMOKAWAIII (also known as SUGOI 3, full title: KIMOKAWAIII Is My Origin, KIMOKAWAIII Always Waits And Is Intensely Interested) is the third and last entry in the SUGOI series, a series of collaborative level packs created by community members under the supervision of TehRealSalt. It contains 56 levels and features work by more than 60 different contributors, created over the months of April and May 2018 in two phases, with the first consisting of collaborative work on levels like the previous iterations (labeled KAWAIII) and a latter phase focused on the creation of custom boss fights (labeled KIMOIII), which later were merged into a single project. The level pack was initially released on August 17th, 2019, and is specially notable for bringing about the last patch of its current version of SRB2, v2.1.25, that catered to PolyObject bugs and a further expansion in the number of freeslots.

This, along with it's predecessors SUGOI and SUBARASHII, is part of the combined v2.2 remaster of the SUGOI trilogy.

Current release information


Different from its previous editions, the levels in KIMOKAWAIII are separated into a pair of hubs that are progressed through as a number of levels are completed in each. The levels are presented in the form of shining orbs scattered across the scenery, and can be selected by touching the orbs. In Coop mode, players can vote on whether or not to enter a selected level – the level is only entered if the majority of voters agree. A large assortment of levels, as well as bosses, are already available right from the start in the first hub, and except for each hub's boss stage, none of them require any items or number of completed levels to access, leaving accessibility of the levels mostly to the exploration of the hubs.

Chaos Emeralds are absent from this edition. One emblem is awarded for completing each stage, while many of the stages also contain hidden in-map emblems and/or Record Attack emblems. By collecting 15 emblems in the first hub, Gateway Sanctuary, a boss can be fought to unlock the next hub, Gateway Dimension, containing the second batch of levels and a portal to the final stage and subsequent final boss, that can be unlocked with a total of 30 emblems. Finally, KIMOKAWAIII includes four bonus levels that are unlocked by completing special requirements, as well as a number of auxiliary maps that are used for cutscenes and unlockables.

Gateway Sanctuary

  • MAP01: Lilac Acreage Zone (RoyKirbs)
  • MAP02: Midnight Shores Zone (SteelT)
  • MAP03: Oceanside Cave Zone (Rumia1)
  • MAP04: Aurora Atoll Zone, Act 3 (TehRealSalt & SeventhSentinel)
  • MAP05: Verdant Valley Zone (Fres)
  • MAP06: Morning Heights Zone (Firework917)
  • MAP07: Arle Satan Bayoen Zone, Act Tsuu (Tripel the Fox)
  • MAP08: Scarlet Palace (.Jazz.)
  • MAP09: BoBo the Bouncy Boi (TrustyGun)
  • MAP10: The Zone (Boinciel)
  • MAP11: Lush Meadow Zone (Flare957)
  • MAP12: Decrepit Plant Zone (TrustyGun)
  • MAP13: Cyber Deton (TSDude)
  • MAP14: Knothole Valley Zone (Wumbo)
  • MAP15: Redcurrant Brewery (LZA)
  • MAP16: Extraterrestrial Ruin Zone (SeventhSentinel)
  • MAP17: Mr. Triangle The Pizza Delivery Guy Mania 1.5 (Root & Yacker)
  • MAP18: Robotnik's Fortress, Act 1 (Swift)
  • MAP19: Icy Hot Cave Zone, Act 1 (Sleeperz)
  • MAP20: Diamond Valley Zone (Badz)
  • MAP21: Pointy Egg (Badz)
  • MAP22: Shogun Stronghold Zone (TehRealSalt)
  • MAP23: Submerged Corridors Zone (Q.T.D.)
  • MAP24: Green Hill Zone (LJSonic)
  • MAP52: Summit Showdown (TehRealSalt)

Gateway Dimension

  • MAP25: Mechanical Garden Zone (BronsoKip)
  • MAP26: LJ Sonic (LJSonic)
  • MAP27: Confleggator (742mph)
  • MAP28: Acidic Alpines Zone (Lach)
  • MAP29: Magmor Zone (Glaber)
  • MAP30: Egg Flambe (Glaber)
  • MAP31: Wasted Wayward Zone (PersistantRubine)
  • MAP32: Cutout Warehouse Zone (fickleheart & toaster)
  • MAP33: Desolate Woods Zone (Manimi & Strike)
  • MAP34: Dark Stabot (Manimi)
  • MAP35: Nova Shore Zone (DrTapeworm)
  • MAP36: Raspberry Desert Zone (Revan)
  • MAP37: Bio Satellite Zone (Chaobrother)
  • MAP38: Egg Lasershow (Chaobrother)
  • MAP39: Quandary Canyon Zone (sluggard)
  • MAP40: Ruby Castle Zone (Shiron)
  • MAP41: Sleeping Egg Zone (Ninferno)
  • MAP42: Dimension Disaster Zone (Lat')
  • MAP43: Doomsday Disaster Zone (Lat')
  • MAP44: Sunken Shafts Zone (Inferno Dragon)
  • MAP45: Azure Paradise Zone (MK.exe)
  • MAP46: Cosmic Valley Zone (Dave Lite)
  • MAP47: True Protagonist (Goldenhog)
  • MAP53: Long Journey's End (multiple collaborators)

Final boss

  • MAP54: One Last Goodbye (TehRealSalt & Lach)

Extra Reel

  • MAP48: Pure Rock Zone (Goldenhog)
  • MAP49: Backyard Bother (Sryder & Chromatian)
  • MAP50: Amethyst Aqueducts Zone (Tatsuru)
  • MAP51: Soniguri (Tripel the Fox)

Auxiliary maps

  • MAPZZ: Intro
  • MAPA0: Gateway Sanctuary
  • MAPA1: Gateway Dimension
  • MAPA2: Credits

Secrets and unlockables


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  • Emblem Hints: Unlocked by collecting 10 emblems.
  • Emblem Radar: Unlocked by collecting 20 emblems.
  • Boss Rush: Allows the player to play all boss stages back to back, with a global timer running through all of them. Unlocked by beating the Single Player campaign.
  • Marathon Mode: Allows the player to play all main levels back to back, with a global timer running through all of them. Unlocked by beating the Boss Rush.
  • Finale Extra Reel: Opens a hatch in Gateway Sanctuary that allows the player to access the Extra Reel levels. Unlocked by collecting 50 emblems.
  • Puyo Puyo VS: Allows matches of Puyo Puyo, which Arle Satan Bayoen Zone, Act Tsuu is based on, between two players. Unlocked by collecting 60 emblems.
  • GHZ Builder: Allows the player to build their own 2D stage in the likeness of aforementioned Green Hill Zone. Unlocked by collecting 80 emblems.
  • Pandora's Box: Unlocked by collecting all 175 emblems.
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