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SUGOI title screen

SUGOI (Shut Up and Get On It) is a collaborative level pack created as a community project led by TehRealSalt. It was inspired by DUMP, a similar project from the ZDoom community. The premise of SUGOI was to encourage community members to make a level in a limited timeframe, similar to the Official Level Design Contest but without the competitive aspects. Any community member could contribute, regardless of their mapping experience, and all submissions made in good faith were accepted, regardless of their quality. The mapping phase lasted from July 9th until August 9th, 2016. Afterwards, TehRealSalt compiled the results into a level pack, which was released on September 6th, 2016. The project was much more successful than originally anticipated, receiving 30 maps from 25 different contributors. Its success inspired two sequels, SUBARASHII and KIMOKAWAIII.

SUGOI was started two months after slope support was added to SRB2, and thus contains some of the earliest SRB2 maps utilizing slopes. It was released alongside v2.1.16, which contained many fixes for slope physics and rendering bugs present in the previous v2.1 patch.

It has recently been ported to SRB2 2.2 having all three packs in one. SUGOI SUBARASHII and KIMOKAWAIII.

Current release information


The levels in SUGOI are accessed via a hub stage, Teleport Station, where players can choose the next level to play. A level is selected by stepping on respective teleport button. In Coop mode, players can vote on whether or not to enter a selected level – the level is only entered if the majority of voters agree. At the beginning, only one level is accessible, with the others in three closed-off areas that can be unlocked by collecting emblems. One emblem is awarded for completing each stage, while some of the stages also contain hidden in-map emblems and/or Record Attack emblems. There are 26 main levels: one accessible from the beginning, 13 in Area 1 (unlocked with 1 emblem), 8 in Area 2 (unlocked with 4* or 10** emblems) and 4 in Area 3 (unlocked with 9* or 15** emblems). The difficulty of the levels roughly increases with each area. A final boss fight can be unlocked with 15 emblems. Additionally, there are two secret levels that are unlocked by completing special requirements.

Initially accessible

  • MAPA0: Teleport Station (TehRealSalt)
  • MAP01*/MAPA1**: Retro Hill Zone Act 1 (Pogofen, formerly Maximus Universal)

Area 1

Requires 1 emblem to unlock.
  • MAP02*/MAPA2**: Hilltop Hunt Zone (Fres)
  • MAP03*/MAPA3**: Groggy Gale Zone (TehRealSalt)
  • MAP04*/MAPA4**: Skytop Zone (Glaber)
  • MAP05*/MAPA5**: Concrete Jungle Zone (JStheguy)
  • MAP06*/MAPA6**: Jello Factory Zone 1 (Mystyc Cheez)
  • MAP07*/MAPA7**: Quartzite Crag Zone (SeventhSentinel)
  • MAP08*/MAPA8**: Contaminated Water Zone (MK.exe)
  • MAP09*/MAPA9**: Nightlight Ruins Zone (SteelT)
  • MAP10*/MAPAA**: Robotnik Park Zone (FuriousFox)
  • MAP11*/MAPAB**: Aquatic Corridors Zone (Revan)
  • MAP12*/MAPAC**: Overgrown Castle Zone (Chaobrother)
  • MAP13*/MAPAD**: Lilac Conservatory Zone (RoyKirbs)
  • MAP14*/MAPAE**: Sunset Ruins Zone 1 (Hedgefox)

Area 2

Requires 4*/10** emblems to unlock.
  • MAP15*/MAPAF**: Sunset Ruins Zone 2 (Hedgefox)
  • MAP16*/MAPAG**: Lavender World Zone (CarlosGamer72)
  • MAP17*/MAPAH**: Sky Labyrinth Zone (Tripel the fox)
  • MAP18*/MAPAI**: Fiery Volcano (LZA)
  • MAP19*/MAPAJ**: Mine Maze Zone (sluggard)
  • MAP20*/MAPAK**: End of Time (Sapheros)
  • MAP21*/MAPAL**: Cute Ice (Zipper)
  • MAP22*/MAPAM**: Robotnik Laboratory Zone 1 (Manimi)

Area 3

Requires 9*/15** emblems to unlock.
  • MAP23*/MAPAN**: Robotnik Laboratory Zone 2 (Manimi)
  • MAP24*/MAPAO**: Fudge Canyon Zone (VAdaPEGA)
  • MAP25*/MAPAP**: Orbital Complex Zone (Knux576)
  • MAP26*/MAPAQ**: Gravity Well Zone (Goldenhog)


Requires 15*/18** emblems to unlock.
  • MAP28*/MAPAS**: The Grand Finale (Zipper & Boinciel)

Secret levels

  • MAP27*/MAPAR**: Kodachrome Void Zone (Boinciel)
  • MAP29*/MAPAT**: Garanz Site 16 (Boinciel)

*Original SRB2 v2.1 release

**SRB2 v2.2 remaster

Secrets and unlockables

Chaos Emeralds

The 7 Chaos Emeralds are hidden directly in the maps as collectible items. Their locations were chosen from Special Stage Token locations in the original level submissions. The remaining tokens were replaced with Big Rings, which award 50 rings upon being picked up. The emeralds are located in the following levels:

  • Emerald 1: Hilltop Hunt Zone
  • Emerald 2: Concrete Jungle Zone
  • Emerald 3: Nightlight Ruins Zone
  • Emerald 4: Skytop Zone
  • Emerald 5: Robotnik Park Zone
  • Emerald 6: Jello Factory Zone 1
  • Emerald 7: Groggy Gale Zone


SUGOI contains 45 emblems in total. 27 of these are awarded for beating each map (excluding The Grand Finale, Garanz Site 16 and Teleport Station). 10 are placed as in-map emblems in Groggy Gale Zone (3 emblems), Skytop Zone (5 emblems) and Concrete Jungle Zone (2 emblems), while 6 are awarded for beating Record Attack requirements in Groggy Gale Zone and Concrete Jungle Zone (3 emblems each). Finally, one extra emblem is awarded for completing The Grand Finale and one for completing it with all emeralds.


  • Emblem Hints: Unlocked by collecting 7 emblems.
  • Emblem Radar: Unlocked by collecting 12 emblems.
  • Level Select: Unlocked by beating The Grand Finale.
  • Sound Test: Unlocked by beating The Grand Finale.
  • Area X: A hidden area in the hub stage, locked behind a door next to the door that leads to the final boss fight. It grants access to Kodachrome Void Zone. The door is unlocked by collecting a secret collectible in Lilac Conservatory Zone. Kodachrome Void Zone also becomes accessible from the secrets menu once the player has completed it and The Grand Finale.
  • Garanz Site 16: Unlocked by beating the game with all emeralds. Once unlocked, it is accessible both from the secrets menu and from a hidden area in the hub stage, next to Area X.
  • Pandora's Box: Unlocked by collecting all 45 emblems. This also causes all windows in the hub stage to be opened, allowing the player to access the outdoor area surrounding the hub. The outdoor area itself contains a hidden entrance to a cave area with a message from TehRealSalt. This room in turn contains a hidden teleport leading to a beta version of the hub stage.
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