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Tortured Planet title screen

SRB2 Tortured Planet is a level pack made by Fawfulfan during the v2.0 era. It primarily consists of a Single Player campaign spanning nine zones plus a final boss. A ninth zone, Spacewalk Zone, was featured in earlier versions, but it was removed in v10 from the campaign due to its poor reputation and it was made only accessible from the level select. It was brought back in v11. Additionally, the pack features a ten-level Match rotation, one Capture the Flag map, one Race map, an unlockable NiGHTS level, and custom music made by Charybdizs. Despite its mixed reputation, Tortured Planet is popular as the only completed large-scale level pack of the v2.X era.

Current release information


Tortured Planet comprises nine zones of three levels each. Like the official SRB2 levels, the zones contain two full-length levels and one boss battle at the end. After completing all nine zones, the player fights Brak Eggman in a final boss stage. Tortured Planet also includes a set of ten Match levels; each of the first nine is based on one of the Single Player zones, and the tenth is a joke level, What The Heck Zone.

The first two acts of each zone contain seven emblems: Four are hidden directly in the map and three more can be earned for meeting the specified score, time, and ring requirements in Record Attack. The boss levels feature only an emblem for time. Additionally, there are four extra emblems: one for beating the campaign with all 7 Chaos Emeralds, one for reaching an overall score of 1 million across all stages, one for reaching an overall ring count of 5,500 across all stages, and one for beating Fire Flight Zone.


  • Level Select: Allows you to access any level in Tortured Planet as any character. It is unlocked by completing the game.
  • Emblem Hints: Can be unlocked by completing the game.
  • Emblem Radar: Can be unlocked by completing the game.
  • Tortured Records: Collecting 5 emblems unlocks Record Attack.
  • Fire Flight Zone: Collecting 10 emblems unlocks Fire Flight Zone, an improved version of a NiGHTS stage originally submitted to the November/December 2009 OLDC.
  • Tortured Archives: An archive that contains the Single Player maps as they appeared in v1.2. They can be accessed through three hub stages, which are unlocked by collecting 30, 60 and 90 emblems, respectively.
  • Sound Test: Allows you to listen to the level pack's music. It is unlocked by beating the first boss.
  • Pandora's Box: A cheat menu accessible from the in-game pause menu in Single Player. It is unlocked by getting all 140 emblems.
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