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Dumbventure title screen

Sonic Dumbventure Volume 1 – Donkey Kracken's Disasterous Quest[sic], often shortened simply to Dumbventure, is a single-level mini-mod by D00D64. It originated from several unfinished level fragments made by D00D64, which he compiled into a single map and tied together with a storyline. The story is deliberately absurd and centers around Sonic being forced to collect worthless junk by Donkey Kracken[sic], a game-consuming monster who threatens to eat the year 2006. The level is only playable as a modified version of Sonic with the homing attack ability.

Dumbventure was originally entered in the July/August 2011 OLDC, where it scored a 9.58, the highest of any Single Player map submitted while the contest still used an absolute scoring system. A port to SRB2 v2.1 was released in April 2015, which fixed a few issues and added Record Attack emblems to the map. The v2.1 port cannot be played in v2.1.15 or later; v2.1.14 should be downloaded to play this mod.

Current release information

Points of interest

Map subsections

  • The Front Door: From the starting point until the room opened by the DK Key.
  • Dark Vat Temple: From the first Star Post until the end of the hallway lit by torches.
  • Valkyrie Cliff: From the second Star Post until the dark hallway at the end of the following room.
  • Thunder Fortress: From the third Star Post until the room with the Sand Ugly Knux cutscene.
  • Corrupted Donkey Kong Land: The first room after jumping into the Game Boy screen.
  • Cosmic Casino Zone: The 2D section.
  • Leaf Forest Zone: From the seventh Star Post until the teleporter into Big Ape City.
  • Big Ape City: From the final Star Post to the boss arena.

Chaos Emeralds

  • Green Emerald (The Front Door): From the DK Key, go left and through the hallway behind the large cliff. You should find a spring at the end; use it to get on top of the cliff. The emerald is on the ledge.
  • Orange Emerald (Dark Vat Temple): After heading into Dark Vat Temple, use the ledges in the following room to climb up to the platform overlooking the room. The emerald is behind the pillar; you'll need to jump to reach it.
  • Blue Emerald (Valkyrie Cliff): When you reach Valkyrie Cliff, you'll see a large cliff to your left. Climb up it, using either a Whirlwind Shield or the water that makes you ascend, and the emerald will be at the very peak.
  • Gold Emerald (Valkyrie Cliff): In the same room as the Blue Emerald, look for a ledge with two trees. The emerald will be between those trees.
  • Silver Emerald (Corrupted Donkey Kong Land): This emerald is right above the spawn point in Corrupted Donkey Kong Land. To reach it, bounce off the tops of the trees until you get enough height to see it. A Whirlwind Shield may be useful.
  • Lavender Emerald (Cosmic Casino Zone): This emerald is floating above the first moving barrel you encounter. To reach it, climb up to the top of the structure beside it and jump left to it.
  • Red Emerald (Leaf Forest Zone): When you enter Leaf Forest, go right out of the hallway and jump onto the low barrier right at the water level. Walk backward along it and you should see the final emerald floating above a ring monitor.

Technical data

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