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Acid Missile is a level pack made by FuriousFox, consisting mostly of levels submitted to the Official Level Design Contest during the Final Demo era. It contains three Single Player zones – Waterfall Valley Zone, Storm Ruins Zone, and Gloom Metropolis Zone – as well as a custom final boss level called Slime Silo Zone. Acid Missile was first released in July 2006, making it one of the earliest level packs for SRB2. It has since been ported to v2.0 and v2.1 of SRB2.

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Main article: Acid Missile/Levels

Acid Missile includes three Single Player zones, consisting of three acts per zone. These zones are structured like in SRB2 itself, with two full-length levels and a boss act. The bosses include the Egg Mobile and the Egg Slimer, as well as a modified Egg Slimer that throws fireballs. Additionally, there is a final boss level featuring a modified Egg Mobile.

Each full-length level contains two Special Stage Tokens, as well as one emblem for each character. Two additional emblems can be obtained for each full-length level in Record Attack, one for meeting a basic time requirement and one for beating FuriousFox's personal best time. There are 30 emblems in total.

The v2.0 port of Acid Missile contained three custom Special Stages. A fourth was started, but was not included as it was incomplete. These Special Stages consisted of tiered areas in which the player must collect a certain number of rings to move on to the next tier. For the v2.1 port, they were removed as they were incompatible with SRB2's new NiGHTS-style Special Stages.

An additional two-act zone called Shrouded Terminal Zone used to be an unlockable in previous versions of Acid Missile, but it was not fully ported to v2.0 and is now hidden. The first act was submitted to the December 2003 OLDC, in which it placed second with a score of 5.38. The zone is considered to be of low quality due to its age, and is not completable in its current half-ported state. It can, however, be accessed by warping to MAPKB and MAPKC, respectively.


The current version of Acid Missile has three unlockables:

  • SRB2 Level Select: Gives the player access to SRB2's regular Single Player levels. It can be unlocked by beating the game.
  • Emblem Hints: Can be unlocked by beating the game with all emeralds.
  • Neo Waterfall Valley Zone: This is an in-progress update of Waterfall Valley Zone that combines all three acts into one level, featuring new texturing and additional paths. It is unlocked by collecting 20 emblems.

Previous versions of Acid Missile had an additional unlockable called Emerald Practice: It consisted of a small level containing nothing but seven Special Stage Tokens and an exit. The level warped back to itself upon finishing it, allowing the player to repeatedly attempt the Special Stages until they were familiar enough with them to beat them. The Emerald Practice map is still included in the level pack as MAPKD, but it can no longer be accessed by normal means.

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