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SRB2 Battle (also referred to as SRB2 Battle! or BattleMod) is a Lua modification for v2.2 made by Clairebun. It adds new multiplayer gametypes centered around competitive combat using each character's unique abilities. Rather than the competitive-based shooter gameplay of Match and related gametypes, the core mechanics of SRB2 Battle's gametypes are largely identical to those of the traditional Single Player and Coop campaigns. Each game mode also has several maps exclusively designed to fit that play style.

Current release information

Gameplay and content

The core gameplay of BattleMod is similar to that of the main game, where players confront each other head on in combat. Battle also contains a few exclusive features as well, including the ability to parry attacks as well as a slipstream mechanic to catch up to other players. Characters with mobility moves such as Tails, Knuckles, and Metal have a limit placed on said skills in order to prevent stalling, after which they will be cancelled out of those moves. All characters additionally come with at least 1 extra ability to give them an extra edge in combat, which can be activated by pressing the Fire Ring button. Using said abilities comes at a penalty of 10 rings, however they can still be used if the player has less than required at the cost of a longer cooldown. In most maps, Rings and Shields are obtained via Bubbles which spawn into the arena periodically. Extra Shields can be stored in a reserve, where they will automatically be activated when the current shield is lost.



The default gametype where players simply battle each other to score the most points possible. Points are earned by damaging other players with your attacks, with death resulting in a cooldown before players can reenter the game. Also comes in a Team-based mode.


Players will start each match with a set number of lives. Dying results in the loss of 1 life, with the loss of all lives resulting in elimination. Eliminated players can respawn as a Jetty-Syn Gunner that can harass remaining players and potentially make it back into the game. The round will end either when there is one player left standing or the timer expires (in which case, the player with the most remaining lives will win). In the event that there is a tie for first place, the remaining players will enter a sudden death round until one is left standing. Also comes in a Team-based mode.

Control Point

Rather than battle each other directly, players aim to score the most points by occupying various Control Points scattered around the map. After a set amount of time a random Control Point will go active on the map. Players will gain points by standing inside of the control point (unless they have taken damage and their invincibility frames are active). Increasing the meter to 100% will net the player a score bonus and deactivate the Control Point, after which there will be a cooldown until the next Control Point goes active. Also comes in a Team Based game mode where the speed at which the meter increases is based on how many team members are standing in the control point compared to the other team.

Diamond in the Rough

Similar in concept to the Shine Thief game mode from Mario Kart, players must hunt down an emerald shard and hold onto it for as long as possible to accrue more points. Players will drop the crystal if they are hit by an attack, although it can also by stolen by another player simply running into it.

Battle CTF

The most similar gametype to its ringslinger counterpart, this is merely the already existing Capture the Flag gametype using the new Battle mechanics.


Each character in the game comes with their vanilla abilities in addition to a special move that can be activated via the Fire Ring. Each also comes with their own weight and special cooldown.

Character Icon Weight Cooldown Special
Sonic 90% (Lightweight) Low Execute on the ground to perform a high jump with extra attack power. Execute in the air cause Sonic strike downward with enough force to send out a short-ranged shockwave of projectiles.
Tails 100% (Middleweight) Low Press the special button while standing or jumping to hurl a flurry of air cutters at your opponents! Their natural range is short, but they can inherit some of your horizontal momentum. When used mid-flight, he will exit flight and fling himself forward, damaging any colliding foes with his tail spin. Doing this while carrying a partner will also through them forward.
Knuckles 115% (Heavyweight) High Activating on any surface makes Knuckles burrow into it. If Knuckles in the air, he will perform a drill dive downward before burrowing. Knuckles can move underground for a limited time until he either resurfaces (either through exhausting his meter or by doing so prematurely with spin) or performs a rock blast by pressing jump or the special move command.
Amy 100% (Middleweight) Low Activating on the ground hurls a massive dust devil toward foes, which deals powerful knockback and shields allies that make contact. Activating in the air performs a double jump with Amy in a rapidly spinning hammer state. Holding the jump button will increase lift and slow descent.
Fang 100% (Middleweight) Medium Activate in the air or on the ground to perform a quick dash. Fang is invulnerable to damage for the first several frames while rolling. Activate while performing the tail bounce to thrust Fang quickly downward.
Metal Sonic 115% (Heavyweight) High Tap and release the special move button to fire out a vertical five-way energy blast straight forward. Hold the special move button for a moment before releasing to fire a triple vertical energy blast, covering a wider range than a normal blast. Press jump while storing energy to thrust forward and instantly enter dash mode, or press spin to perform a powerful dash melee strike with extra horizontal reach. Metal Sonic will perform an uppercut maneuver at the end of the attack.
Tails Doll n/a n/a Not a playable character, Tails Doll is spawned when playing alone in Arena or Survival. While initially inactive, it will begin to use attacks that become progressively harder to dodge the more times it is hit by the player.
Jetty-syn n/a n/a Players who run out of lives in Survival Mode turn into a Jetty-syn Gunner who can slowly fly around the stage, shooting at opponents still in the game with a high cooldown. Scoring a hit will respawn the player back in the game with one life.

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