Pre-1.09.4:Air Haven Zone

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Air Haven Zone
Level title: Air Haven Zone
Gametype: Match, Tag, Chaos
Version history:

Demo 4 – MAP11
Demo 4.32 – MAP10
SRB2 2k3 – MAP74
v1.04 – MAP76
v1.08 – MAP77

Air Haven Zone was a Match stage introduced in Demo 4. It was set on tiny platforms over bottomless pits, which made it notoriously hard to stay alive, especially under lag. This map caused the suicide point penalty to be introduced into SRB2, because players would frequently jump into the pit intentionally in order to avoid getting hit by an opponent's shot. It was later reworked for Chaos mode, but remained just as difficult to play. It was subsequently removed in v1.09 along with the Chaos gametype.

Technical data