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#srb2fun is an IRC channel for members of the SRB2 community. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and as the name implies, it is a protocol for online chat. #srb2fun served as the main chatroom for the SRB2 community for many years, but it has since been superseded by the SRB2 Discord server and is now mostly inactive.


  1. Immaturity will not be tolerated. Think before you type and use some common sense.
  2. No porn, excessive cursing, or illegal material.
  3. Use proper English. Spell properly, use correct punctuation and capital letters as required, and do not use chat speak or text messaging shorthand.
  4. No spam.
  5. No advertising.
  6. No flaming or trolling.
  7. Read the FAQ and Wiki before asking simple questions. They are probably already answered there.
  8. Colored text is not allowed, with the exception of color code 2,2 which may be used for spoiler tags.
  9. Spoiler tags should be used for spoilers and responding to spoiler tagged text, and an indication should be given outside of the text of what the spoiler is for (though it does not have to be on the same line). Do not use spoiler tags frivolously.

If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to ask an operator (people with an @ next to their name) via query or directly in the IRC room. Also, should the circumstances require it, the operators are given authority to do whatever they deem necessary to keep order in the channel. If an operator tells you to stop doing something, even if it isn't against the rules above, stop doing it.

Keep in mind that #srb2fun is located on the EsperNet network, so we must respect the EsperNet IRC Network Policy. Breaking these rules can get you banned from the entire EsperNet network, including #srb2fun.

Channel operators

#srb2fun has a set of individuals called channel operators or "ops". They keep order in the channel and enforce the rules, having the authority to kick and ban users. PrimeV2 is also the channel owner. Here is a list of the current operators:

  • Boinciel
  • MonsterIestyn
  • PrimeV2

External links

  • #srb2fun – Link only works with IRC clients.

IRC clients

There are many clients available to access IRC channels such as #srb2fun with, including the following:

  • mIRC – a shareware IRC client for Windows; has an evaluation period of 30 days, after which payment for registration is needed.
  • HexChat – a free IRC client for Windows and Unix-like systems; supersedes XChat, which has been discontinued.
  • IceChat – a free IRC client for Windows.
  • Espernet WebChat – a free web-based IRC client; this page provides information and the URL to access it with.