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Hey there! I go by Tatsuru (he/him) and I'm a digital artist, amateur translator and coder. I've been hanging around the community since 2013. I'm hoping to learn more and be an extra helping hand with whatever's needed.

Trash bin of stuff I've done until now

Tag Coop (tagcoop.lua)

Not to be confused with a mix of Tag and Coop! It's a Coop modifier that sets one player as the "Sonic" and everyone else as the "Tails", and changes the "Sonic" periodically. You can get it here.

I initially had the main idea from scratch, but since coding it from zero when I had no experience with Lua would take me nowhere, I found out that FuriousFox's script had something I could use as a core mechanic, and thus asked his permission to implement it.

Post-exit playability (exitmove.lua)

A rather simple script for a very requested feature by the playerbase - it lets you keep playing after finishing the level. You can find it here.

Developing this was a pain in the ass it was done in the dawn of my Lua experience and retouched along the time I've been around so it looks like a bunch of spaghetti, but it mostly works fine. Most of the difficulty around the mechanic derived from source code stiffness, but it's become a vanilla feature as of version 2.2, so hooray!

Gametype ports

I've attempted to port gametypes from previous versions and from other games as well. They're of varying quality.

ShufflarB2's Ring Capture

GMod's Prop Hunt

XSRB2's Shards

Payload Mode

An entire new gametype that makes use of the CTF engine for which people can create their own maps. This is probably the project I'm most proud of and the most up-to-date. More details about it in the thread.