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Hiya! This is Knockout The Echidna's user page.

Hey there, I'm Knockout The Echidna, also know as KO.T.E or Coat. I have not been around a long time (4 years if I am correct.), but I have learned a thing or two about WADs and SOCs. Anyways, that's it for my intro.

How I came across SRB2

Ok, I first played SRB2 in May 25 2005. After playing it for a year I got bored. Still played it once in a blue moon. then after when 1.09.4 came out I finaly got it, then instantly started making maps(most of them failed). Then after getting internet on the PC I was using I started netgaming. Now that 2.0 is out I plan on staying here to make more WADs, SOCs, and more.

On March 1st I was put on the SRB2 Dev team.

SRB2: Chaos Domain

SBR2: Chaos Domain is a single player mod I've been working on for quite some time, it started out to be a short 4 zone mod and has grown into a 6 zone mod. It started back in my early years and had little to no plans, and has since became a more planned out mod with some special features.

List Of Planned Zones

Midnight Pass Zone: A peaceful valley set at night, filled with secret areas and hidden items!

Stronghold Forest Zone: after making your way through the valley, you find a forest that Eggman has set up a stronghold in. where he has been polluting the water, making it dangerous if you fall in.

Eggmansion Zone: After breaking through Eggman's stronghold you find a old mansion that rest upon a mountain side graveyard, the mansion will have you standing on your toes with it's deadly traps.

Sunken Terminal Zone: After successfully beating Eggman, the floor of the mansion breaks apart sending you falling downwards. You land in a old subway that has been abandoned and flooded with water thanks to Eggman's drilling, keep a eye out for falling sections of the floor!

Chemical Facility Zone: Eggman's base of operations, here he has been hard at work attempting to discover the formula needed to power his machine to get him through the portal into the Chaos Domain. There are tons of chemicals in the factory, each with their own special effects that you can use to your advantage, or disadvantage.

Chaos Domain Zone: After being unsuccessful in stopping Eggman in his base, you chase him into the wacky Chaos Domain that's filled with pure chaos, good luck!

Other Info

Emerald collection will be different in the fact you will have to find KO.T.E hidden in the first act of each zone, if you have 50 rings on you he will grant you access to a special mini game that will give you a chance to get a Chaos Emerald. Although, if you find him in the second act of a zone, you will need to bring him 75 rings you will get a new mission. He will grant you access to a hidden room where you will face off against a mini-boss, once you beat the min- boss you will be awarded with a prize and be warped back into the normal level. Along with KO.T.E, there are many other hidden characters scattered about. Each character doing something special when found, from giving the player access to a once closed off path, to giving them some extra items.

The current release of Chaos Domain can be found here