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I was an administrator about 10 years ago on the SRB2 Wiki. I currently live in Utah and am a student at BYU pursuing a Master of Music Composition.

Involvement in OLDC

Certainly one of my favorite things about SRB2 was this contest. I look back now in 2018 and realize my levels may have been a bit ugly sometimes, but they played well. Usually.

Departure from the Community

Who knows? Maybe I'll come back to portions of SRB2 in some unusual way. I was overly dramatic in how I left, not realizing how it affected other people. Although I have changed a lot in how I think (I'm actually centrist instead of conservative now, leaning mildly left!), I always was annoyed by bad language, and I still don't like it. It still makes me uncomfortable. Nevertheless I wish I would have expressed myself in a more mature way.

Connection to Furries

SRB2 was the first place I heard about the furry community, although not in a great light. I am nonetheless grateful for the knowledge of its existence, as it has been a great place for me to be. Despite the fandom's reputation, I like to keep myself clean and encourage others to do the same.

I never call myself SonicMaster anymore, other than the handle of my Telegram contact. I go by Scarbo, and my fursona (furry fandom avatar) is a black sheep.


Telegram: @VGMSonicMaster Facebook: YouTube: