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Zero Ring Zone
Level title: Zero Ring Zone
Gametype: Match, Tag, Chaos
Version history:

Demo 3 – MAP09
Demo 4 – MAP12
Demo 4.32 – MAP12
v1.04 – MAP96
v1.08 – MAP96
v1.09 – MAP98

Zero Ring Zone was a Match level in all versions from Demo 3 until v1.09, except for SRB2 2k3. The stage was a reference to "All your base are belong to us" from the intro to Zero Wing, with a banner saying "ALL YOUR RINGS ARE BELONG TO US" scrolling around the stage.

The stage consists of a tunnel with speed pads, a hole in the center of the map with springs leading out, and a lot of floating platforms leading to an upper area. In older versions of the stage, there was an Armageddon Shield only accessible by Tails far in the sky. In v1.04, weapon rings were added to the level and the level was tweaked a bit.

While the stage was rather popular for a while, it was quite small and hard to navigate as Sonic, and had a major shortage of rings, especially in the larger games that were starting to be set up. It was removed in v1.09.4 because these problems were nearly impossible to fix.

Technical data