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Many modifications for Sonic Robo Blast 2 have been made, but it is of general consensus that only a select few of these projects are notable in the eyes of the Wiki. For these projects, an SRB2 Wiki article is expected. This page outlines the criteria for notability and the expected format for such articles.


Only certain modifications for SRB2 that are deemed notable enough should have an article on the SRB2 Wiki. To determine notability, there are four criteria:

  1. Scope: A modification should only have a Wiki article if it includes a considerable amount of content. Therefore, modifications that are documented on the Wiki should be either level packs or source code modifications. A level pack should have a considerable amount of finished levels, and a source code modification must have features that make it significantly different from SRB2 itself. Character WADs, stand-alone levels, SOCs and other types of modifications are usually not accepted.
  2. Documentability: The content of the modification must be of such nature that users are likely to request information about it. In the case of level packs, users may be interested in level walkthroughs and information about secrets. In the case of source code modifications, they may request information about custom gametypes or new editing features. Some modifications, even though they meet all other criteria, have content that is largely self-explanatory and thus do not need an article. Examples of such modifications are multiplayer level packs and SRB2CS, whose new netcode needs no further explanation for players to use. In these cases, a link to the modification in the Modifications article suffices.
  3. Popularity: For a modification to receive an article on the Wiki, it must have received considerable attention from the SRB2 community. A good way determine this is – if the modification has a topic on the SRB2 Message Board – the number of views and replies on the modification's release thread. Another indicator is the frequent use of the modification in netgames. This is the most important criterion; the higher the popularity of a modification is, the more players will demand information for it.
  4. Quality: The modification must be of acceptable quality to be documented on the Wiki. Modifications that have a largely bad reputation or are notable for their lack of quality (e.g., Super Mystic Sonic) should not receive an article. Modifications with mixed reception (e.g., Tortured Planet) may have an article if the other criteria are met.

If in doubt about the notability of a project, a talk page can be created where the matter is discussed. If consensus is reached for acceptability, the article can be created afterwards. On user pages, modifications can be documented regardless of notability, although excessive editing of such pages is discouraged.

Main article

The main article should consist of a basic description of the modification. It should tell who the author is, and it should give a brief rundown of what a player can find inside the modification itself and what it is notable for. Links to a direct download of the most recent version of the modification, as well as a forum topic (if applicable), should always be included. Every aspect of the modification that does not warrant its own sub-page should be described here in-depth. Sub-articles (if applicable) should be linked from here and given a short summary.


A modification page should be part of two or three categories: Every mod is part of the Modifications category. Depending on the type of the modification, it should also be either in Addons or Source code modifications. If the mod has sub-articles, it should also have its own category, in which every page pertaining to the mod should be listed. That category itself is also part of either Addons or Source code modifications.


Depending on the size of the modification, additional articles can be made, covering more specific information on its features. For level packs, these are usually articles for the maps that are included. For source code modifications, these might be documentation articles on the new features included in the mod. When documenting features for which comparable pages on SRB2 features already exist, their format should be followed. Every sub-article should be part of the mod's own category, but no other categories.


Generally, all maps included in a level pack should have their own article. However, there are some exceptions: Maps that are considered non-notable, such as hidden maps that cannot be unlocked, test maps or archival maps, do not need their own article. Sometimes, it is more convenient to document several maps together in a single article. Which maps warrant an article and which do not should be decided on a case-by-case.

The titles of the map articles should follow a specific naming convention: "Mod name/Levels/Level name. There should also be a list of the levels included in the mod, called "Mod name/Levels". This article should list all maps, even the ones that do not have their own article, along with a thumbnail picture of the level.

When making map articles, follow the format of the official maps, such as Greenflower Zone Act 1. Map pages should always include detailed information about the map, including a walkthrough, a list of secrets and hidden items, technical data and the map header. A variation of this navigation template should be made for the mod and put at the top of every map article. If the author does not know how to edit this template, then a request for an edit of it may be put on the mod's talk page.

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