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To do
Update for 2.2.0:
  • Var1 is used to determine damage type, leave at 0 for generic damage for instance
  • If Var1 includes the flag DMG_CANHURTSELF (which can be combined with the base damage type), the actor can actually hurt themselves!
  • I think bosses can be damaged by this action now?

A_Explode is an action that is used to damage any Objects in the blockmap around the actor within a range determined by Damage, which must be the distance required multiplied by FRACUNIT. The target is used as the cause of the explosion, which will mean if a player is set as the target they will receive points from the actor damaging enemies or other players through this action.

Note that this action will not affect any non-shootable Objects, bosses, monitors, nor Objects not within the blockmap at all (MF_NOBLOCKMAP). The actor and any Objects sharing the same type as the actor will also be unaffected. Furthermore, this action will not work through walls, and will not affect any Objects not visible from the actor's position.

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