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A_SetFuse is an action that sets the actor's fuse timer, which is commonly used to make an Object disappear after a set amount of time (but can be used for other purposes as well). Var1 determines the number of tics the fuse timer will last.

The upper 16 bits of Var2 determine when the actor's fuse will be modified by this action, if at all:

  • 0 – The fuse will not be modified unless it is currently at 0 (i.e when the fuse timer is not currently active).
  • 1 – The fuse will always be modified regardless of the fuse timer's current value.
  • 2 – The fuse will not be modified at all by this action. This is best used when the lower 16 bits of Var2 are also set.

This action can also be used to over-ride the default effects of the fuse timer for when it reaches 0: the lower 16 bits of Var2, if set, determine the state the actor changes to when the fuse is on the last tic (fuse = 1). This will also set the fuse timer itself to 0 to ensure the default fuse timer effects do not occur. If the lower 16 bits of Var2 are not set, no state change will take place through this action.

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