1.09.4:Airborne Temple Zone

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MAP98: Airborne Temple Zone



MAP98, Airborne Temple Zone, is the ninth Match level in Sonic Robo Blast 2 v1.09.4. It takes place in a floating temple structure with multiple floors.


Weapon rings

There are one Infinity, four Automatic, and four Explosion Rings in the map. The Automatic Rings are located on the staircases in the central room that lead to the second floor, on the second step. The Explosion Rings are on the outside area, on little platforms over the bottomless pit. The Infinity Ring is floating high in the sky over the center of the stage. Hit one of the springs on the upper floor to be launched towards it.

Random Monitor

The Random Monitor is located on the second floor, directly over the center of the stage.



This map is covered with vertical yellow springs that are used to ascend from one level to the next. Take advantage of the fact that players give up control to use the springs by firing a single ring at the player as he reaches the top of the bounce. Nine times out of ten, this will result in an easy 50 points. To avoid being hit by players who utilize this technique, use the platforms with the Automatic Ring to advance to the first level, then while using the springs on the next level, direct your character horizontally in either direction to make it more difficult for an opponent to hit you.


As a player, there are two choices of how to effectively spam the entire map with rings and rack up enormous amounts of points:


A preferred combination. Trades firing speed for area-of-effect explosions that have the potential of hitting more than one opponent with a single ring. This combination requires slightly better aim and works most effectively at close range, as the stray rings that go farther will most likely not hit a wall and explode, reducing the amount of space each ring affects.


The other preferred combination. Trades area-of-effect explosions for firing rate. This combination is equally deadly at short and long range, as the sheer number of rings being fired will cause opponents to be hit at all ranges. This combination doesn't require as precise aiming as Automatic-Explosion, but it is also less effective at close range.

Weapon control

To effectively spam rings across the entire map, control of the Infinity Ring is key. Since only one of said ring spawns on this map, controlling it will ensure that the player will be the only one capable of effectively spamming the map. Take this ring whenever possible. The other two weapons, the Explosion Ring and Automatic Ring are not as critical to control, as there are four spawns each on the map. They should be stolen from opponents who possess them whenever feasible.

Technical data