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SRB2's levels consist of a select set of flats and textures to make up their look. There are about 1300 flats and about 2800 textures, making for more than 4000 level graphics in total. Anywhere from 10 to over 300 different flats and textures can be used for any given level. Each zone's graphics can make up a theme for the level on their own.

Below is a list of all themes in SRB2. Each theme has a sub-article that lists all flats and textures belonging to that theme.

  Flats and textures [view]
Other: NiGHTSMarioSpecial StageMultiplayerSRB1 Remake
Other themes Caves/CliffsXmasDiscoFortsGHZHPZIce/SnowJungleSandForest
Miscellaneous ColorsGenericOldSA-SRB2MiscellaneousSkies