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If you have reached this page, it is because the SRB2 Wiki is not currently equipped to assist you in solving your problem. However, you should not lose hope, there are still other methods in which you may receive assistance.

  • If you possess an SRB2Wiki account:

Click here to add a request in the Troubleshooting talk page.

  • Alternatively, if you have an active SRB2 Forum account, post here for assistance with SRB2 Editing:

SRB2 Messageboard: Editing Help Subforum

  • Or, post here if needing assistance with normal gameplay of SRB2 or an SRB2 modification:

SRB2 Messageboard: Suggestions and Help Subforum

If you do figure out a solution to your problem, please help the SRB2 Wiki by creating a new page in our Troubleshooting section. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

We are sorry we could not be of assistance. Click here to return to the main Troubleshooting page.