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PT_ASKINFO is a type of packet sent by a client as a request for information about a netgame. Its packet type number is 12 (0x0C in hexadecimal).

The server will reply to a PT_ASKINFO packet with a PT_SERVERINFO packet and a PT_PLAYERINFO packet.

Packet information

Data name Data type Description Sample data Sample meaning
(header) 8 bytes The required header for all SRB2 packets. No example
version Unsigned 8-bit Integer The VERSION of SRB2 the game is running. This usually corresponds to the first two digits of the version string. 220 (0xDC) Corresponds to the 2.2 in version 2.2.4.
time Unsigned 32-bit Integer Whatever information is put here will be returned in the time section of the PT_SERVERINFO reply. This can be used to check for validity, and check pings. 99035 (0x000182DB) An example of a timestamp that the Master Server Analyzer uses.
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