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Hello, I'm Blade, also known as Blade T. Hedgehog.

How I got involved in SRB2

On May 6th, 2005, I desided to search for Sonic Fan Games using Google. I ran across, and got SRB2 1.08. However, we put it on a computer that did not have internet at the time, so I could not play netgames. I wasn't 13 yet, so I didn't join the fourms, either. I played by myself most of the time, trying to get all of the unlockables, but I also played with my brother in Chaos mode alot. However, I didn't get any addons for it, and after a while, I lost intrest in SRB2.

...Untill 2007, that is. I was looking through some old websites I hadn't been to for a while, and once I came to, I found out that they had 1.09.4 out. After bugging my mom alot to get it, we installed 1.09.4. It was, like 1.08, put on a computer without internet, at first. It was only about a month afterwards that we DID have it on a computer that had internet, and I started playing netgames.

After a few months, I wanted to enter the OLDC. So I joined the SRB2MB on October 30th, 2007, and entered Arial[sic] Ruin Zone, which fell flat on it's face, getting a score of 3.7. However, many of the maps that I've entered after that have came in first place.

On February 28th, I became a part of the SRB2dev team.

Levels entered into the OLDC

Single Player

Sapphire Coast Zone act 1 - 6.91 - November/December, 2007

Sapphire Coast Zone act 2 - 6.00 - January/Febuary, 2009

Aqua Caves Zone act 1 - 6.96

Magma Core Zone act 2 - 7.65 - May/June, 2008
While I did not give this map an act number in the contest, it is realy act two of Magma Core.
Magma Core Zone Act 2 (SRB2 2.0 VERSION) by Blade - 7.83
The new version of Magma Core act 2, shorter, but did slightly better.

Death Egg Zone act 2 - 8.31 - November/December, 2008
While this map did not win the division it was entered in, it curently ranks as 8th best 1P map.


Arial[sic] Ruin Zone - 3.7 - September/October, 2007

Leafy Cave Zone - 6.75 - November/December, 2007

Lush Forest Zone - 7.14 - November/December, 2009


Techno Base Zone - 6.00 - September/October, 2008

Sunkist Falls - 6.09 - January/February, 2010
My first collab, with Spherallic.


Mine Maze Zone - 6.00 - March/April, 2008

Endless Woods Zone - 7.40 - March/April, 2009
This map currently ranks 5th in the circuit top ten.

Crimson Caves Zone - 7.22 - November/December, 2009
Made in three hours, and entered minutes before the contest started. Surprisingly it won, and is now 6th on the contest records.

Thunder Factory Zone - 7.86 - January/February, 2010
Made in under 48 hours. It is currently 3rd in the contest records, and will be in a future SRB2 version.

Projects I'm Working On

Level Packs

Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds is my main project, and has been in work for about 2 years now. It's planned to have 10 full Zones, plus unlockables. The major thing that sets this apart from most MODs is that Lost Worlds will have tons of custom enemies, and bosses. Currently there are 5 custom enemies, and one boss socced, with more to come.


The other big project I'm helping with. I am in charge of Lava Reef Zone 1. Both level design and textures.


Metal Sonic - Blade Edition


Not only is Metal Sonic as fast as Sonic, he has far better acceleration, letting him recover from sudden stops easier. The sudden bursts of speed can make him even harder to control than Sonic, however, but learning how to control him makes him stronger than Sonic in some areas. Metal's main downfall is the lack of Sonic's "Air Spin Attack", or the "thok". Instead, Metal has a Double Jump, which alows him to reach ledges Sonic couldn't reach. This makes Metal stronger in places with lots of ledges, but weaker in open fields.

While a version of Metal Sonic is on the MB, he is not quite done. His running and walking frames are being touched up, and his abilities aren't final. Hopefully, he'll have the Super Peel-out move and a Hi-Jump when the final comes out.

Speed Highest (36)
Acceleration Best (50)
Thrustfactor High (5)
Accelstart Fair (74)
Abilities Double Jump; Spindash
Special Abilities Infinite Double Jump while Super

E-123 Omega


A very large character, E-123 Omega doesn't have many sprites done yet, but once finished, he'll be fast, accelerate slowly, and have a slightly lower jump height than normal, like Knuckles. Currently on hold.