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Hi, and welcome to my user page. I normally go by cookiefonster (lowercase), but Wikipedia and similar websites always capitalize your username and there's no way to avoid that.

I am a person who exists, who got into SRB2 pretty much the day v2.2 was released and now I'm hooked. I have a longtime tradition of editing wikis on things I like, so it's only natural I'd find this wiki at some point. And since this wiki isn't hosted on the absolutely putrid and disgusting garbage website known as Wikia, or I guess *sighs loudly*, I'm genuinely interested in helping out and keeping this wiki up to date, accurate, and easily readable.

I like remixing music as a hobby, and I've done a fair share of remixes of SRB2's amazing soundtrack. I've released an album of 8-bit VRC6 covers (made in Famitracker) of all the v2.2 special stage themes, and I'm currently working on making 8-bit covers of the entire rest of the soundtrack, plus a mod to hear those covers in-game.

As of June 18, 2020, I'm now an admin and bureaucrat on the wiki, which means I can rename you to something like FatPoophead123 if I so desire (but I probably won't).