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ArchPack is a level pack addon for SRB2 with single player and multiplayer maps, including my very first map called Miscellaneous Trip Zone released on July 2008, back when SRB2 1.09.4 was still around. All my released and finished maps are included in this pack.

The version 2.1 is a straight port from SRB2 2.0.6 to 2.1.8 (works with 2.1.14 as well) which I offer to give more options for those who would like to try short level packs with old maps.

Current release information


Current Levels

ArchPack contains 11 maps: 7 single player maps, 3 multiplayer maps and 1 hidden map, as follows:

Single Player maps

  • MAPB1 - Genesis Keep Zone 1
  • MAPB2 - Genesis Keep Zone 2
  • MAPB3 - Genesis Keep Zone 3
  • MAPB4 - Mill Citadel Zone 1
  • MAPB5 - Mill Citadel Zone 2
  • MAPB6 - Mill Citadel Zone 3
  • MAPB7 - Miscellaneous Trip Zone

Multiplayer maps

  • MAPFB - Lift Bridge Zone (CTF)
  • MAPMD - Water Plant Zone (Match and Tag)
  • MAPR0 - Aqueduct Circuit Zone (Race)

Hidden maps

  • MAPME - Soccer Field Zone (Single Player, Co-op, Match and Tag)


  • Single player maps can also be played on multiplayer mode in Co-op gametype.
  • The hidden map is a secret that can be unlocked. It's playable in single player and multiplayer mode.

New Levels



This level pack records savegames, statistics (gamedata), emeralds and emblems collected and time attacks which are accessible through game menu, option "1 Player".

The single player maps have 9 special stages tokens in total. Each special stage token will allow you to enter a special stage that, if beaten, will award you with a Chaos Emerald.

This level pack features two unlockables:

  • Vanilla Maps: Clear game at least once. After the credits, it gives you access to vanilla SRB2 maps.
  • Soccer field: Collect 15 emblems and beat the game in 8 minutes. It gives you access to a map that is a soccer field with a ball. This map has no other purpose than a casual gameplay or curiosity.
    • SINGLE PLAYER: There's no Exit Goal. To exit the map, use the game menu.
    • MULTIPLAYER: This map is multiplayer compatible for co-op, match and tag. To access it, type MAP MAPME in the console. If you host a server with this map, make sure to host it on Casual Room.

Project history

Miscellaneous Trip Zone

A Single player and co-op map, and supports race too.

Formerly called "Ezer Arch's Level Zone" and later "Misc Realm Zone", this is my very first map released on public. For my surprise, people liked the map. I created the map for learning and training purposes - an experimental map - after I've read the SRB2 Doom Builder tutorial.

I think the good point is that it seems you are visiting several Sonic's zones in a single act.


Lift Bridge Zone

A CTF map and Contest Winner of Sept/Oct'08 OLDC.

This map was the first one that was preceded by a project (needs pics). But the idea of a "moving" bridge came later.

Since some people in the OLDC complained about "enormous water pit [that] lags the map" and some "springs that don't help so much", I revamped the map by fixing the problems (beaches were added and some springs were moved).


Water Plant Zone

A match/tag map and Contest Winner of Nov/Dec'08 OLDC.


Aqueduct Circuit Zone

A circuit map and Contest Winner of Jan/Fev'09 OLDC.

This map was inspired from Miscellaneous Trip Zone's aqueducts. Almost whole circuit is covered by water, even so it's possible to develop speed. There are various kinds of obstacles to face along circuit.


Mill Citadel Zone

Both act 1 and 2 are SP/Coop maps and Contest Winners of Mar/Apr and May/Jun'09 OLDC. Act 2 is the big one which was rebuilt. Act 3, the boss stage, was released some days later.


Arch Pack Level Pack

7 maps in a level pack: See my topic

Genesis Keep Zone Act 1

Alpha release:

Genesis Keep Zone

Final release: