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Deathmatch Arena is a Match multiplayer level in the mod Jazz Attack consisting of an expansive arena with castle themed hallways bordering the center which uses timed linedef executors to change between grass, fire, ice, and castle themes.


Weapon Rings

Upon spawn the player has the choice of selecting an Automatic Ring, and Explosion Ring or a Rail Ring before being given 5 rings, Whirlwind Shield and then teleported into the arena.

Within the stage there is a Homing Ring at each corner behind a glass wall accessed by a spring on the outer ledge with the gargoyles.

NoteIcon.png Note
World of Pain is indeed possible to attain in this map, as well as Homing-Rail, an exceptionally powerful combination. However, obtaining World of Pain requires three players to all pick different weapons at spawn and have them stolen and possessed by a single player. Also, due to the difficulty of reaching the Homing Ring the Homing-Rail can only truly be effective for 15 seconds at most.

Random Monitor

The random monitor is located in the dead center of the map. This is the only sector that remains the same while the rest of the center changes theme.


Ring Hoarding

Due to the abundance of rings around the outside it is possible to rack up many rings in just a few moments. The abundant ammunition is effective for players who choose the Automatic Ring upon entrance. Since most of the rings are in this area however, it is likely you will run into players also trying to get many rings.

Ammo Preservation/Whirlwind Shield

The four corners each have a Whirlwind Shield behind glass similar to the Homing Rings. By taking the time to grab another shield after every hit, you can prevent losing your weapons and all your rings. However the time it takes to get the shield may put you at a disadvantage as the conflict continues elsewhere.

Technical Data