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Old Username: Ah2190

Real Name: Adam Hillman

Founder of the SonicD Team

Current Projects

Emerald Hunt ADVANCED

Current Version: 2.2

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Wiki Page

Latius (SRB2 Version)

In development on foot, kart version completed.

Foot: 0%

Kart: 100% (Currently discontinued)

Ect (Icons): 25%

Countdown Mode

Currently in Version 3.1

Forum Link

Daytona Kart

A heavily modified form of Countdown Mode which aims to replicate the feel of arcade game like Daytona USA and Initial D Arcade Stage.

Currently in Version 1.6.1 - Version 1.7 is in a pre-release state.

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Wangan Kart

Replicates the original Wangan Midnight games in SRB2Kart

Currently in a beta state.


Currently in Version RC 1.5.5

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Currently in development

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Sonic into DrEAMS

Currently in development

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Sneakerless RA

A mod creates with the help of The Stray Banana members to provide Sneakerless medal times

Currently in Revision 2 for Kart Version 1.3

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