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Background information
John Reynolds as Torgo

I am Torgo, my real name is Erik and I am a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax. When I joined the forum, I didn't want a lame username like sonicknuxamy195170. I wanted to have a more intelligent username, so I choose Torgo. I thought it would be good for the srb2 message board because it would be original for the sonic community. Torgo is the "monster" in the movie "Manos the Hands Fate", and his picture is to the right. If for some reason you want to know know more about the Torgo character, go to here for more information.

How I got involved with SRB2

I was searching for sonic fan games one day on SFGHQ, and I saw the SRB2 demo on their site (I think it was demo 4 at the time, I don't remember). I knew I had to try it out, it was the only sonic fan game that was 3D and still had a classic look to it. I got confused at the first level, but I was overall amazed by how good the game was. I then saw that I could add stuff to the game. I think the first wad I downloaded was one of the early versions of Mystic Realm (I think it was Mystic Way at the time). I wasn't into character wads that much, I think it may have been that most of them were badly drawn, or that there weren't many to begin with. Anyway, I decided to look around the message board to see if there were updates to wads. I was watching how people posting for a long time. After all the lurking I thought I should join the message board and contribute for once, I thought that I should join after 1.09.4 was out. I knew it was going to come out since I played with the 1.09.3 tests.

My beginnings in mapping

When I was lurking, I thought I should try out wadding my own maps. The tool used at the time was WadAuthor, I had a hard time trying to figure out the thok barrier, and eventually gave up on WadAuthor because it took too many steps to do something simple. Later, someone made a configuration for Doom Builder, so I thought I should check that out. It was much faster to get a working thok barrier started, and I could find the missing textures easier. When I finished learning Doom Builder through ST218's tutorial, I tried making my first single player level. It was short, linear, and not interesting at the least, and I knew it when I was finished with it. I didn't want to give up quite yet, so I decided to make a Sonic Robo Blast Remake using SRB2's 2d mode. I thought it could help me with ideas to put in my custom level wads when I am ready to make them. When I joined the forums, I mentioned making a SRB1 mod, and Dark Warrior wanted to see it. I wasn't completely for a release, but I thought I might as well get thoughts on it before continuing on it. When people started to support it, I decided it was going to be a full mod, and it eventually got to the point it is today.