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ZTurtleMan is a Ninja Turtle fan, Sonic fan, and C/C++ programmer.


Doom / SRB2 related


TMNT in SRB2 is a unreleased mod for SRB2 v1.09.4.

SRB2 Deutex

SRB2 Deutex (also SRB2Deutex) is a modified version of Deutex to support SRB2 (1.09.4 and 1.12.0), however support for Doom was dropped. source code


BoomAC (Boom Animation Converter) is a open source, under the GPLv2+, replacement for the dos SWANTBLS.EXE. Not only can it convert .DAT files to SWITCHES and ANIMATED lumps, it can also convert SWITCHES and ANIMATED lumps into a .DAT file. source code

Post-SRB2 TMNT fangame projects

Shell Engine

Shell Engine is a 3D game engine using SDL and OpenGL. It was originally created to be used for a Ninja Turtle fangame. However it was dropped and Turtle Arena was started. source code

Turtle Arena

If this was, it would say *The Biggie* here.

Turtle Arena is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fangame based on ioquake3. See the Turtle Arena website and project page.

Other projects

For other project not listed here, see here.



Sometime before finding SRB2 I tried to use GameMaker, because I wanted to make a Ninja Turtle fangame. GameMaker lasted like 2 days, I didn't do much with it.


Mostly between: June 2006 - October 2008

I was reading about Sonic X-treme and found a website which had some info on Sonic X-treme, and stated that SRB2's Sonic sprites looks like Sonic X-treme's sprites. There was a image and I clicked it, which linked to After looking at the site I downloaded SRB2 1.09.2. The game was amazing, and after a short time playing I thought it would be cool if there was a Ninja Turtle fangame like it.

So I decided I'd be the one for the job. So I started learning to make maps, edits wadfiles, and edit SOCs. At first it was mostly gfx and music replacement (most of which was copyrighted by Konami).

SRB2JTE had a different HUD so I tried adding the images to SRB2, but it didn't work. So I whent on IRC and asked some questions about editing the HUD.

Response below
	<Logan_GBA> list of HUDITEMS, you can change the X/Y for each item via SOC
	<Logan_GBA>	the ranges are 0-320 for X | 0-200 for Y
	<Logan_GBA>	or it's 0-319 or 1-320
	<Neo_Chaotikal>	Makes sense.
	<Logan_GBA>	i'm not sure
The link is no longer valid, see

So I started reading the SRB2 source code in notepad. Soon later I found out how to compile the source code using Dev-C++. The first version simply loaded the TMNTinSRB2 wadfiles. I had no knowledge of programing so I learned as I went (Later I got some books about C programing and in 2007 look two classes). So I continued to read and edit the SRB2 source code. Later I found the SRB2JTE source code, which I used the setup for in my own codebase "TMNT/tmntdefs.h", "TMNT/tmntmisc.c/h" ect. So for about 2 years I worked on the SRB2 source code.

My SRB2 mod was originally named TMNTinSRB2 but later named TMNT Fangame (As I was going to make it standalone from SRB2), in the Dev-C++ project its named TMNT Fangame7 as it is my 7th SRB2 source code (I broken the first six somehow, 7 is the lastest SVN code so I used svn diff to find what I broke.)

My codebase can be compiled into 4 main EXE types;

  • SRB2 SVN
  • SonicR (Unfinished)
  • SRB2TM (It uses all of the things I made for TMNT that work in SRB2)
  • TMNT Fangame

The source is currently unreleased, but I hope to clean it up and release it soon sometime as there are things I think should be in the main SRB2.

(Update) ...and now I need to port it to SRB2 2.0[.4].

While I was working on TMNT Fangame (and afterwards) I helped Flame with some of the programing of Super Smash Brothers: Sonic Showdown, Super Bomberman Blast 2, and whatnot.


After difficulties with the limits of SRB2's engine, and FoxBlitzz stating that SRB2 wasn't good to base you game on[1], I decided to drop SRB2 as my game's engine.

So I looked for a 3D game engine on the web to use, like CrystalSpace (Which I didn't do much with it...), I found ioquake3 (Because SRB2 is based on Doom), but failed to get it to compile.

Shell Engine (June 19, 2008 - October 9, 2008)

So I decided to attempted to write a 3D game engine from scratch, Shell Engine, to power a TMNT Fangame. It was written in C++ using SDL and OpenGL.

Later in development I temped to merge "Cake Engine" with my engine for Quake3 map and model rendering, which ended in a messy broken engine.

It began to make more sense to use the open source engine I was trying to clone instead to writing my own. While I didn't want to leave the code I had just written, I dropped Shell Engine and started Shell Engine 2 using ioquake3, as it had most of the stuff I wanted and it all worked (I say most as mine had 4 player splitscreen support...).

Turtle Arena (October 10, 2008 - present)

(Originally named TMNT Arena and Shell Engine 2.)

I started out by removing PunkBuster (in the UI) and the CD key check. Then I worked on making it mine, and replacing the quake3 demo data (Which I have finished). I have disabled a lot of ioquake3 code, such as armor. And have rewritten a large part of the weapon system and holdable item system.

Similar to TMNTinSRB2, the source can be compiled into different versions.

  • ioquake3 SVN
  • ioq3ztm (It uses the things I made for Turtle Arena that work in ioq3)
  • ioq3turtle (ioq3 as a mod for Turtle Arena, contains changes to fit with Turtle Arena)
  • Turtle Arena

As of November 27, 2010, I have almost worked on Turtle Arena as long as TMNTinSRB2. In many way Turtle Arena has greatly surpassed TMNTinSRB2; players, attacking, objects, graphics, etc et. Some of things I did the most work on for TMNTinSRB2 haven't even been started in Turtle Arena; key cards, switches, NPC enemy graphics, etc et. Someday, I'll add more of the features, and possibly graphics, from TMNTinSRB2.

Turtle Arena is open source and open content, and available for download. See the Turtle Arena website and project page.