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Hello there! I'm Wolfy, one of SRB2's developers. Despite not doing very much, I've been a part of the SRB2 community for quite some time now, around six or seven years. On the Internet, I'm primarily just a gamer, but I also work with things such as web design and coding from time to time. I have my own website located here, although it is highly incomplete and I need to get a general idea as to what I plan to use it for. In real life, I run on my school's track team, despite not being all too fast.

Current Projects

I'm currently working to try and get SRB2 TopDown out the door ASAP, so we can move on and start porting Kart. Along with that, I've been looking into expansions to the Lua API; as of now I have completed I/O support, but I'd like to get some menu functions working. Terminal is also getting a large update for I/O soon.

Completed Projects

These are alright, I guess.

  • Terminal, a netplay enhancement plugin, a joint project with RedEnchilada to create a server management utility tailored towards dedicated features.
  • HMS123311: Remastered, my personal masterpiece. Includes all features from SRB2JTE and loads of new surprises.
  • WolfyServ, a "server enhancement" wad that I designed. Mostly just does unfavorable things, but includes a neat SOC toggle system. Its concept led to Terminal's eventual creation.
  • Zelda Music Swap, a Skyrim mod that attempts to replace the game's music with tracks from various Legend of Zelda games while still managing to have a good level of immersion.