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This action was removed in 2.2.0
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Add a diagram displaying movement angle ranges?

A_ArrowCheck is an action that switches to one of the actor's Object type anchor states according to the vertical direction the actor is moving in. The actor's RaiseState is used for when the actor is facing upwards, the XDeathState for when it is facing downwards, and the SpawnState for when it is facing directly forwards or up/down within a range of 20°. In SRB2, this action is used to align the sprites of the arrow shot by the Robo-Hood with its movement.

Object property Use Range of angle
SpawnState Switched to when moving straight ahead 340°–20°
RaiseState Switched to when moving upwards 21°–180°
XDeathState Switched to when moving downwards 181°–339°

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