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A_SparkFollow is an action that alters the location and angle of the actor relative to its target. In general, this action is similar to A_RotateSpikeBall; however, if the target is not a player who is currently in Super form, the actor will be removed from the map. Also unlike A_RotateSpikeBall, Speed determines just the distance to the target while Damage handles the angle increment/revolution speed. In SRB2, this was originally used for Hyper Sonic's sparks which circled around the character; however, Hyper Sonic was removed from the game in v2.0, and so this action is currently unused.

Property Measurement Calculation
Angle increment Degrees Damage
Duration of a full revolution Tics 360 ÷ Damage or 360 ÷ Angle increment
Displacement/Radius from target Fracunits Speed ÷ FRACUNIT

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