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If your custom WAD file is either crashing or not loading, try the following steps:

NoteIcon.png Note
If the crash involves a NiGHTS level, also look at Help:Troubleshooting/NiGHTS level for additional steps.
Troubleshooting question Explanation
1. Are you playing SRB2 in an aspect-correct screen resolution? SRB2 may not be stable in screen resolutions that are not aspect-correct. Aspect-correct resolutions are listed in green in the Video Options menu.
If your crash involves a custom level:

2. Have you checked your level for errors in your map editor?

Many map editors include an error checker tool that you can use to find map errors such as illegal sector configurations and other malformations. In Zone Builder, this is Map Analysis Mode, which you can activate by pressing F4 or selecting it in the editing modes bar. In SRB2 Doom Builder, press F4 or select Tools → Find map errors... in the toolbar.
If your WAD file includes custom graphics such as textures, flats, patches or sprites:

3. Are the graphics imported correctly?

If custom graphics are in the wrong format or otherwise imported incorrectly, they can crash the game. For example, all graphics need to be converted to SRB2's palette. Other possible problems include incorrect offsets and wrong texture dimensions.
4. Are your SOCs (MAINCFG, OBJCTCFG or SOC_xxxx) created correctly? Syntax errors in SOCs, such as missing blank spaces, missing parameters or incorrectly placed hash marks (the # sign) can cause SRB2 to crash. See SOC > Format and Custom Object tutorial/Syntax issues and conventions for information on SOC syntax.
If this is a character WAD:

5. Are your lump names capitalized correctly?

Character WADs use lowercase letters for the lump names of some sprites. If you use all capitals instead, SRB2 will not be able to find these lumps and the game will crash. See Custom character tutorial/Sprites for more information.

Still having problems? Ask for help on the SRB2 Message Board or try searching the SRB2 Wiki for more information regarding your problem.