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If you are experiencing problems with a custom NiGHTS level, try the following steps:

Troubleshooting question Explanation
1. Does your mare make a complete loop? If your mare does not loop back to the first Axis at the end, the track will not work. Bear in mind that the track must always end with an Axis Transfer. You cannot loop back to the start with an Axis Transfer Line.
2. Do you have the Ideya Drone at a valid spot on the first Axis? The Ideya Drone must be directly on the track and on the first Axis. It cannot be on an Axis Transfer or an Axis Transfer Line.
If you are making a multi-mare map:

3. Do all your mares begin and end at the same point?

SRB2 requires that all mares start and end at the same point.
4. Do you have consecutive Axis Transfers in close proximity? If you have an Axis Transfer very close to the one right before it, the transfers may not function properly.
5. Does NiGHTS Super Sonic fly off the track after colliding with an Object or wall? Collision detection near Axis Transfers and Axis Transfer Lines is not perfect. If the player collides with an Object or wall near a transfer, they may fly off the track. As a general rule of thumb, keep the area around a transfer clear of obstacles or hazards.
If you are making a Single Player map:

6. Do you have one Ideya Capture on the map for every mare?

If you do not have an Ideya Capture placed on a certain mare, the game will not recognize that mare. If this is the case on the first mare, the level will immediately end when you touch the Ideya Drone.

Still having problems? Ask for help on the SRB2 Message Board or try searching the SRB2 Wiki for more information regarding your problem.