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This article is about the gametype. For the map design term, see Tagging.

Tag is a multiplayer gametype in SRB2. It is similar to the game Tag in real life and is typically played on Match maps. One player is randomly selected to be "it" and must try to tag all other players by shooting them. The other players can move freely to avoid the player who is "it". Players who are shot become "it" as well. The round ends either when the time limit has expired or when all players have been shot.

Hide & Seek is a variation of Tag, also based on a real-life game called hide-and-seek. Here, the players have a limited time to hide themselves at the beginning of each round until they become unable to move. Then the player who is "it" must find and shoot all other players. Unlike in Tag mode, players who are shot do not become "it" themselves. Both Tag and Hide & Seek mode are enabled for a map by adding the keyword Tag to the TypeOfLevel parameter of its level header.


At the beginning of each round, one player is randomly selected to be "it". To make them easy to identify, players who are "it" have a big "IT" logo hovering above their head. Then the hiding time starts, in which the player who is "it" cannot move while the other players hide. Hiding time lasts 30 seconds by default, but its length can be adjusted with the hidetime console variable. The minimum time is 15 seconds, the maximum time is the time limit of the round.

After the hiding time is over, the main round starts. The player who is "it" must now try to tag as many other players as possible by shooting them. Every player who is not "it" receives one point per second, while the player who is "it" receives 100 points for each tag. Players who are shot become "it" themselves, have their score frozen and can only gain additional points by tagging other players. The round ends when all players are "it" or when the time limit has expired. The time limit is five minutes by default but can be adjusted with the timelimit console variable. It can also be disabled, in which case the round will only end once every player has been tagged. After the end of the round, the scores of the players are tallied and the player with the highest score wins.

When the touchtag console variable is enabled, the player can also tag other players by touching them. When disabled (which is default), only shooting a player will tag them.

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek works the same as Tag aside from two crucial differences: After the hiding time is over, the hiding players' controls are disabled, forcing them to stay in the last spot they visited. Additionally, tagged players do not become "it", their score merely freezes.

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