Level Design 101

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Welcome to Level Design 101. Unlike the Zone Builder tutorial, which explains the technical "how" of making maps, this article contains advice for making maps actually fun to play, ranging from general design principles to advice for more specific mapping situations. It is recommended that you read this article before making your own maps for SRB2.

This article consists of seven chapters:

  • General information – This article covers topics that apply to all maps regardless of gametype, such as sector layout, item placement and the importance of gimmicks. Make sure to read this chapter first before you take a look at the gametype-specific guides.
  • Visual design – This article covers visual design. Aside from aesthetic purposes, visuals play a large role in helping players understand their surroundings and drawing their attention to the most important parts of the stage.
  • While the above articles cover information that is important for all kinds of maps, the following articles are targeted at specific gametypes:
    • Single Player – This article covers information regarding Single Player stages, such as placement of obstacles and increasing a map's replay value with multiple paths and secrets. It also includes information on 2D Single Player maps.
    • Enemy placement – This article contains advice on how to properly place different types of enemies, which is important for making a good Single Player level.
    • Match and Capture the Flag – This article covers special requirements for Match and CTF, especially regarding weapon rings and item placement.
    • Circuit – This article provides information regarding Circuit maps.
    • NiGHTS – This article covers advice for NiGHTS maps, both for Single Player and Circuit.